SA Schools Cycling Coaching

Erica Groenewald (Green) to facilitate school cycling coaching.

Posted on August 1, 2017

The course content has been developed by Deon Carstens (UCI Level 2) and Erica (UCI Level 3), and accepted by SA Schools Cycling, which is affiliated to Cycling SA. Each attendee must attend the full course, do a short written test, as well as present a 4-6 month training plan for their athlete to the group in order to receive their SA Schools Cycling Coach certificate.

This is not a UCI coaching course and attendees will thus qualify as SA Schools Cycling Coaches.

Topics of the course may include, but not limited to:

  • Role and duties of Coach
  • Styles and skills of Coaching
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Parents and Administrators
  • Setting goals
  • Bill of Rights and Code of Conduct
  • Sport Science
  • Cycling disciplines
  • Bike fit
  • Understanding Energy Systems and fitness
  • Determining and Training zones guide
  • Cycling muscles
  • Testing protocols, Measuring and Monitoring performance
  • Lactate Threshold explained
  • Training Terminology
  • Long Term Planning and Athlete Development (incl. recommended training volumes)
  • Setting up Training Plan and Recommended Interval session
  • Written Test
  • Practical Tasks
  • Present Skill Sessions
  • 6 month training plan

The first course will take place on 12 - 13 August at DF Malan High School.

If you would like to attend such a course, or have a course presented in your area, please contact us at