Western Cape Schools Cycling

This website is the home of the official schools cycling body for Western Cape, South Africa. The body will represent the sport in four cycling codes; road cycling, mountain bike (cross country and marathon), track cycling and BMX. S.A.S.C. or "Sask" is affiliated to Cycling South Africa (CyclingSA). The aim of this body is to present cycling to schools and thereby introduce and grow our sport amongst school kids.

A word from SASC president

Paul Roos Gymnasium taking part in the national finals.

Welcome to the wonderful world of schools cycling! South African Schools Cycling (SASC) is a statutory body that was started by passionate people to introduce our beloved sport to schools and learners. The objective is to get the sport of cycling recognized as an official school sport.

SASC’s main objective is to setup a national structure which includes provincial structures functioning together as a single unit. Through this structure SASC will communicate with schools, setup and create regulations for the various cycling disciplines, ensure safe and well organized school events, train team managers and commissaries and lastly but most importantly – get the learners to understand and know the regulations for every discipline!

SASC will also communicate and affiliate with all the relevant national bodies; it is already affiliated to Cycling South Africa. SASC will also make recommendations regarding school recognition for the learners.

Keep those cranks turning!

Deon Steyn, President, SASC